Reader drawings - dragons

Drawings of a defect/ a dragon (exercise 2.4)

From Satoshi - Can't restore game data defect

From Ayumi - DVD crash failure

From Kenji - Software defect hiding behind hardware failure

Stealth dragon - defect that is almost impossible to find.

Easy to find dragon / bug that stops the production &
Dragon that's always been there, a defect has become an accepted feature.

Dragon outside the castle - Bug outside the scope

From Dori - hiding /unexpected side effects of a Software change

From Mihai - a Dragon

From Adela - a dragon

A "small thing" that no-one dares to fight, as it could be big.
User Interface bug - bright and shiny dragon
A serious typo on the web site - a lop-sided, ridiculous dragon

Unnecessary functionality - an immense dragon made of platinum

Memory leak - hard to find and remove dragon causing serious trouble


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