Reader drawings - dragons

Drawings of a defect/ a dragon (exercise 2.4)

A bad dragon from Poland!

Amazingly beautiful dragon from Poland!

Nooa: the worst dragon, with three heads. A car steering software defect causes the car to crash.

Nooa: a really bad dragon that is mostly invisible, you can only notice its two heads and tail by the colours (red and green).

Blind dragon from Carolina: Navigation errors (bad URL link or page link), love to appear when changing environments (from development to test or to production), destroys efforts done by developers and slowdown test validation, even to regression.

Cunning dragon from Sylwia:

Ghost dragon from Graham: flies easily, hard to catch, wings on feet, too, difficult to see, disappears when someone comes close, sharp claws. This is a concurrency bug, for example a race condition.

The loop dragon from Camilla: An approval process was sent out and approved, but back in the system no approval was updated. Saving, the same approval was sent out,  and so it went on. It is big and red, but it was easy to kill.

The dragonfly from Christophe: Easy to find, very annoying, distracting, confusing. Sustaining, because nobody takes it seriously. Often pairs up with others to form a swarm. Leaves its dump on the visuals. Steals time from everybody. User interface or visual bug.

Changeling dragon from Ananya: It shows completely different behaviour at different times and showcases new abilities on different occasions. Sometimes, it can breathe fire and burn down an entire place. Sometimes, it can breathe ice and freeze an entire place. It is able to change colours (like a chameleon), shapes and attributes, thereby, making it quite hard to predict its concrete nature or characteristics.  Also it has the power of invisibility, which makes it extremely difficult to detect on any radar or be prepared for its attacks.

From a 7-year-old in Germany: Firewall dragon, which likes to destroy walls

From a 10-year-old in Germany: Wrong Firewall rule dragon that shows as Connection between endpoints cannot be established. Cause: forgotten rule, a failure in rule definition, or a failure in implementing the rule.  Root causes: Process to order firewall rules is error prone. Testing: Ping endpoint with port.

From Michael: A "hidden dragon" or a "black sheep dragon". It seems harmless, but it is extremely dangerous with extremely long claws, extremely sharp teeth and an axe, so it can destroy nearly everything.  At first, you think it's only one black sheep, instead of a white one. 
If you "fight" a black sheep, it will use the axe, if you see the axe, it will use its claws. 
So you have to fight both, but don't forget the teeth... 

From Daniel - A race condition is hard to pin down, so the dragon is “disappearing” and causes havoc if it materializes (hence the fire).

From Satoshi - Can't restore game data defect

From Ayumi - DVD crash failure

From Kenji - Software defect hiding behind hardware failure

Stealth dragon - defect that is almost impossible to find.

Easy to find dragon / bug that stops the production &
Dragon that's always been there, a defect has become an accepted feature.

Dragon outside the castle - Bug outside the scope

From Dori - hiding /unexpected side effects of a Software change

From Mihai - a Dragon

From Adela - a dragon

A "small thing" that no-one dares to fight, as it could be big.
User Interface bug - bright and shiny dragon
A serious typo on the web site - a lop-sided, ridiculous dragon

Unnecessary functionality - an immense dragon made of platinum

Memory leak - hard to find and remove dragon causing serious trouble


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