Exploratory testing exercise

 Use Exploratory Testing to explore and test a software

What you need

  • any software will do but it is more interesting if you choose new software for you
  • your experience or a checklist of ideas what to test
  • Explore the software quickly to get an overview of the different parts of the software.
  • Choose one of the parts and explore it more carefully
    • You can also choose a perspective and keep it in mind while you explore, like thinking about the speed or typos (these are called heuristics or rules of thumb)
    • Spend 10-30 minutes on this part (this is a called a session)
    • Test how different things work
  • Choose another part or another perspective
    • Spend 10-30 minutes on this part
  • While you work, make notes of 
    • what you tested and 
    • anything strange or plain wrong that you found
  • This is enough for this exercise but you could keep working until you've exhausted your ideas and the whole software has been tested


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